Looking for qualified personnel? We can help you.

Recruitment solutions

We can provide you the best employment solution. You can entrust us the whole process or any part of it: headhunting, job interview, resources for temporary assistance and etc.

Urgent assistance staff, outsourcing

You can transfer some of the functions to outsourcing in urgent cases. We guarantee, that our qualified personnel possess the sufficient work experience and authorization cards and licenses.

Solving complicated bureaucratic steps

We can handle bureaucratic and routine procedural requirements in HR for you. Our staff work with construction, logistics and metallurgy industries. Our branches are located in Jyväskylä, Tampere and Vantaa.

We train our staff to fit your future demands.

We cooperate with Suomen Turvallisuusasiantuntijat Oy training and center, which allow us help your new employees to smoothly integrate into your work environment.