Asbestos survey is a statutory mandatory precautionary measure for renovation or demolition work in buildings that were completed before 1994. This course (Finnish: Asbesti- ja haitta-ainekartoittajan kurssi – AHA) is intended for professionals in the construction industry who will investigate the occurrence of asbestos and other contaminants. There are no official entry requirements for the course but a sufficient education and experience in the construction industry is important.


Course content:

  • Health effects associated with exposure to asbestos
  • Asbestos in the Finnish construction industry
  • Legislation , incl. responsibilities and rights of the examiner
  • Occupational safety and waste legislation from the viewpoint of the AHA inventory
  • Theory of testing construction material for asbestos (sampling, technologies, locations)
  • Asbestos and harmful substances documentation and analysis
  • Occupational safety at the construction site
  • AHA analysis and laboratory visit
  • Safety measures and protective equipment
  • AHA report as part of the safety plan and its guiding impact on dismantling
  • Asbestos and pollutants removed and dismantled from buildings
  • Asbestos removal methods and safety measures in accordance with current legislation
  • Machinery, equipment and protective equipment
  • A final exam


This course lasts 3 days and meets the requirement of the Finnish Occupational Health Administration. After successfully completing the course, participants will receive the AHA certificate which enables them to function as an investigator for asbestos and harmful materials surveys. The certificate is valid indefinitely (in Finland and Sweden).

The price for this course is 1250,00 €/person, incl. course material, tea/ coffee and lunch.



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