The Hot Work course (Finnish: Tulityökurssi) is designed for firefighters and for workers in professions in which they are dealing with fire (e.g. fireworks) or are exposed to fire risks.


Course content:

  • General information on hot work
  • Risk assessment
  • Hazard prevention and safety measures
  • Actions to be taken in case of an emergency
  • Practical exercises regarding the protection of the hot work site and emergency extinguishing.


This 1-day course consists of 6 theoretical lessons and a practical firefighting exercise, which is in accordance with the firefighters training program. Upon completion of the course the participant will receive the Hot Work Safety Card, issued by the Finnish National Rescue Organisation (SPEK). The authorisation card is valid for 5 years in Finland and the other Nordic countries. Respectively, a Hot Work license issued by the Nordic firefighting union in another Nordic Country is accepted in Finland.

The price for this course is 112,90 €/person, incl. course material, lunch and coffee/tea.



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